Selasa, 4 Februari 2014

Pre Order: Autumnz - Home & Car Bottle Warmer (Blue)

Convenient - Warms milk & baby food easily at home and in the car
Safe - Heats gently and gradually
Easy to Use - Add water and adjust the settings
Ideal for all types of feeds - For milk & baby food from the freezer, fridge or room temperature
Fits most bottles and baby food jar - wide enough to fit most bottle brands such as Avent, Tommee Tippee, MAM, Dr Browns, etc
40 °C - for warming up milk and keeping warm automatically
70 °C - for warming up baby food
100 °C - for sterilising feeding accessories (e.g. feeding spoons, teethers, teats, screw rings)
  • Do not use warmer when the car is moving
  • Keep out of reach of children at all times
  • Be warned that the hot water in the warmer can cause severe burns and scalding. Please take precautions at all times.
Contents: 1 unit of warmer, 1 unit of car converter, 1 unit of heating bowl & lid

Retail Price: RM 99.90
 Our price : RM97.00

  Kos Penghantaran di Semenanjung Malaysia RM 7.00 Sahaja (Jika bawah 1kg).

Kos Penghantaran Di Sabah, Sarawak & Labuan : RM10.00 

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